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A little bit about me,

I grew up in a small pocket of beauty known as Mullumbimby on the far east coast of Australia, which is where I found creativity and community through circus at a young age.

During my circus career of international touring and performing, I began documenting life on the road through photographs. It enabled me to witness moments from a different perspective, enriching my desire to create and document stories of the otherwise ephemeral nature of our world. 


I am drawn to photographing the human form, connection and womanhood.

My approach is gentle and personable, I aim to preserve your stories through photographs that you can treasure.


Fluke Magazine featured photographer

          is an Arts and Culture magazine with a Circus bent and an emphasis on photography and design.
Fluke connects passionate, creative tribes to each other and audiences by sharing stories through stunning photo essays and candid, insightful interviews and articles.

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