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Preserving your stories through photographs.

My approach is gentle and personable, 

I'll be there to document the tender memories and fleeting moments. 


We feel so lucky to have had Billie step into our cosy, newborn love bubble to photograph our daughter Rose. Billie was kind, gentle and made us feel very comfortable as she captured the most beautiful photos of our new family. We treasure these photos so much. With Billie’s empathic, positive personality and her quality photography work, we would recommend her to anyone!

                                   - Jess & Pierre.



Virtual photoshoot with Bonnie & Opal. 

Even if we live in a different parts of the world, we can still make some magic through a virtual portal.

The experience holds its own sense of intimacy and you will have some stunning photographs of your own to cherish.


Here is a glimpse into an exquisite and intimate virtual photoshoot with Bonnie and Opal..

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